Cutting Edge

The STYKU BODY SCANNER is cutting edge technology that can assist you with your goals in a way you've never experienced before! In less than ONE MINUTE the (non-invasive) scanner calculates your body's measurements with less than 1% error.

How It Works

These measurements of your hips, waist, thighs, chest, abdomen and more are then converted into a 3D image of you - allowing you to see yourself completely true to life. These measurements are then used to calculate how long it will take you to achieve your goal - giving you actual timescales for the inch loss with the specific plan you will follow.
Not only that - the scanner can also assess the risks posed to you for any possible underlying health problems. It can screen for the likelihood of any Obesity related conditions (such as Diabetes), check your Bone Mass (Osteoporosis) and Visceral Fat (hidden fat usually around the body's main organs) levels.

All these results can be used along with your BMR (Base Metabolic Rate) to help calculate your Daily Energy/Calorie Expenditure. This then becomes the starting point for creating a bespoke plan for you to improve both your fitness levels and health; giving you the starting point to help prevent illness in the future.

Your Health in 3D

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Further Health Checks

As part of our commit to health - we also offer Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Checks. Again another tool to help you reach your goals safely.

Here at Iron Inc, we believe that the combination of the body scan, blood pressure checks and BESPOKE Training and Nutrition plans will give you all the artillery you need to help win the battle against weight, strength and wellbeing.