I looked at a photo of myself with my young daughter on holiday, and was horrified by what I saw. I was overweight and out of shape, taking 4 blood pressure tabs a day. I decided I need to do something, I used to use the gym in my younger days, but after an accident, I'd injured my back quite badly and awaiting a surgery. This made me think that the gym was out for me. That was until I had a chat with Mark, after 16 weeks of following Mark's nutrition plan, which was tailored to me, and felt like I was not on a diet. Also a training plan that worked around my back issue, I have lost 2.5 stone in weight, have gained a significant amount of muscle and strength, feel better than I have in years, as well as looking better. I am off all my blood pressure, and pain meds. I genuinely cannot recommend Mark enough for his knowledge, motivation, nutrition and training advise. If your looking to improve every aspect of your life, this is the man for you!

David Parry 51

Mark and I discussed all the things I wanted to change. He constructed a training and diet plan that would help me achieve my goals in a realistic (and more importantly), sustainable way. If there is anyone else out there that finds themselves stuck in a rut and needs a push to do something positive, then I 100% recommend Mark!

Mathew Davies 47

I've trained on and off (mostly off) for the last 10years and always thought I didn't need a personal trainer as 'I knew what I was doing' ........ Then I joined Iron Inc and realised I was completley wrong! I first met with Mark 6 weeks before a holiday, saying I wanted to loose as much as possible. His words to me were, Ok we can do that, it wont be comfortable but it's possible. He constructed a nutrition plan, designed a training plan and was able to take 14lbs off me in 6 weeks, and make a visible difference to my physique. On my return I met with Mark again and we made a plan to move me forward, creating a new meal plan that is easy to follow and more importantly for me, enjoyable. My training plan is really giving me the results I want, and the personal sessions with Mark are teaching me new skills in the gym, learning there is far more to lifting weight, than just lifting weight. For the first time I'm confident I'm heading towards the best shape of my life. Game Changer!!

Louis Holland 31